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That’s right peoples, this blogpost heralds the start of Crochet For Kidneys Part II.

Our purple and white blankets were such a huge success – in terms of the numbers of  crocheters who took part and the number of squares I received from you all, but most of all it was a huge success because it lifted the spirits of seven dialysis patients at the Royal London Hospital.  Our blankets meant such a lot to them, doing it all again is a no-brainer. We have to keep going. Agreed?

This time however we’re doing it a bit differently. There won’t be a fund raising aspect – this time it’s all about making blankets. I think we should still get together one day to join up the crochet pieces to form the blankets, but there won’t be a crochet quiz or raffles or talks by John and Pieter – just a bunch of charitable hookers making blankets. The date and the venue of our get together is yet to be decided. For now, I just want to ge the (yarn)ball rolling to get us all crocheting.

So what are we making?

Not squares, we’re making hexagons!!! As with the squares, they should measure 15 cm across and be in acrylic or cotton double knit yarn.

What hexagon pattern should you use? Well, I found a list of the top 10 free crochet hexagon patterns over on the Moogly blog. All we need is right there in one place! Just click here to go straight to the list of hexagon patterns. You may just have to add a few rows of (UK) treble / (US) double crochet to some of the patterns in order to reach 15 cm across.  On this page there’s a step by step photo tutorial to make a basic hexagon which would be perfect for our blankets. Then there’s this Lionbrand hexagon pattern which is 15 cm across, so it’s perfect. Of course you can use any hexagon pattern – the pattern you choose is totally up to you – as long as your hexagon is 15 cm across.

As for the colour, we’re not sticking to purple and white like we did for the squares –  you can make your hexagons any colour, or combination of colours, except for the very last round of your hexagon. If everyone uses the same colour for their last round, we will use that colour to join the hexagons and the overall effect will be uniform and very, very, pretty.

I can’t decide what that last round of colour should be, so I’m putting it to a vote. YOU decide.

Voting will close midnight Tuesday 5 December.

I will recap everything in a follow-up blogpost and also create a new Ravelry group.

If you’re on Twitter or Instagram you can keep on using #crochetforkidneys to share your hexagons with us.

I can’t wait to get started! I can already “see” our brightly coloured hexagon blankets cheering up the dialysis patients!