Greetings all. This is just a quick post to say that I’ve just returned from the  dialysis unit of the Royal London Hospital where I dropped off the last two of the seven blankets from Crochet For Kidney Research UK.

My personal favourite is the cotton blanket. It has three smiling Kidney Granny Squares which I love. They’re so unexpected and cheery nestled amongst the sensible, grown-up squares. I do hope the recipient of the cotton blanket feels the same. If not, the flowers and hearts should do the trick.

Cotton blanket collage

Cotton blanket

acrylic blanket collage

Acrylic blanket

I didn’t spend a lot of time in the dialysis unit as I used my lunch hour to drop off the blankets. I’m also going to be honest here and say that being back there reminded me of seeing John so very unwell from the nasty side effects of the pain medication after last year’s transplant.  Walking through the Renal ward again, I was grateful that John and Pieter are both in such excellent health now, but that doesn’t mean I was able to face being back in the hospital. It might sound spineless and uncharitable for not chatting with the people in the dialysis unit, but I just couldn’t.  I would rather pour all my energies, positive thoughts and happy vibes into making the crochet blankets.

I’m now even more inspired and excited about Crochet for Kidneys – Part II. Lots and lots of pretty, bright hexagons for even more dialysis patients! Now that the blankets from Part I are done, I can also begin working on the hexagons for Part II. I just have to finish my Sunset Shades scarf first. Geez, that one is a long time coming. Do you remember? My last post about that beautiful scarf was on 8 October! I have so many plans for that scarf. It’s going to be the cornerstone of More Pretty Things so please excuse me if use a bit of the Christmas and New Year holiday break to finish my scarf first.

Saying that, I can’t expect you all to make hexagons for charity blankets and I do absolutely nothing, so I wrote up a hexagon patterns for you which I will blog soon. It’s only fair, right? And of course, once the scarf is done, I’ll be hexagoning like crazy.

Now that I’m sitting back at my desk in the office, blogging about what I did at lunch time, I do hope that we’ve managed to cheer up two people in the dialysis unit today, even just for a little while. I know a blanket won’t cure their kidney failure, but maybe it can remind them that there are people out there who want them to feel better even though we are strangers.

And I also realise once again that

***we all have so much to be grateful for every day***