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Are you making a Mood Blanket? Have you joined the more than 2400 people from across the world in this year-long crochet along? It’s a great crochet along!

There seems to be a couple of interpretations of what the Mood Blanket is. Most people are doing it the way I am: you crochet a block, a hexagon or a row a day / once a week using a colour that represents your mood on that day (thereby giving you 365 or 52 of each). Most ย people are also using join-as-you-go because there’s no need to keep a pile of your motifs if the whole point is that the placement of the motifs have been determined by the day of the year it was crocheted on.

Some people not only use a shade of yarn to represent their mood, but also a different pattern, and others are crocheting whatever they want just “as the mood takes them”. People are crocheting ahead as well (that’s a bit strange.) Some people are making traditional granny squares, using a different mood-inspired coloured for each round to show how their mood changed throughout the day. “Mood Blanket” is definitely open to intepretation.

For me, it’s just a plain and simple exercise: I have six main moods so I have six colours. At the end of the day, usually after the washing up has been done and I’m in my PJ’s in front of the TV, I reflect on my day and choose a colour. My squares need to be 9cm so I only have four rounds of Lacy Cross to crochet. It’s quick and easy. By doing join-as-you-go, I can see how my blanket is growing each day.

Here is a photo I took on Friday to show you the first 10 mood blanket squares.

crochet mood blanket

I really love this way of making a blanket. No pressure. No rush. No worrying about colour placement. I have a year to make this blanket and the only thing I have to do, is reflect on my day to determine the colour.

I love my Mood Blanket!