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Last week I thought I had done my last “your hexagons” post, but you guys surprised me once again. I received a further 42 hexagons! These parcels were probably sent to me a day or two before the 7th of February so they arrived after the deadline. Fear not, I will use these hexagons in a blanket. In fact, between the hexagons left over from last week and this batch, we have the makings of one more colourful blanket!

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I know you’ve been wondering what our blankets look like. Wait no more! It was such a lovely sunny Winter’s day today I took the opportunity to string the six completed blankets against our back garden fence. I just couldn’t resist.

I will definitely post full size photos of each blanket when they’re all done, but for now here is a collage for you to enjoy.

First six blankets

The top left hand side pink and purple blanket is the work of San Bee of Loopsan blog. Her blanket arrived beautifully wrapped with crocheted hearts and crochet tie. Isn’t it sweet? I had to undo the ties to take the photo but will retie it exactly this way to present to the patient.


She even did a photo tutorial for making a hexagon – as if crocheting a whole blanket isn’t enough! Click here for her hexagon photo tutorial.

What do you think of our blankets? Do you think it will cheer up the recipients? You should see the colour combinations of the other blankets I still have to join up. They’re so, so, so pretty!

As I said last week, I don’t need any more hexagons. As it is, I’m crocheting away like a mad woman to get everything joined up before 28 February. Speaking of which, enough typing for now. I have blankets to make 🙂