Ever heard of bicraftual? Probably not. It’s a word I invented to describe someone who crochet and knits. Bicraftual – she who partakes in two yarn crafts: crochet and knitting.

As of Sunday afternoon, I am bicraftual. I’m knitting a v-neck sweater for myself! I was looking at all the interesting things on the LoveKnitting.com website and this Stylecraft pattern caught my eye. It’s so totally my type of sweater. It’s loose, v-neck, not too flashy yet with a bit of detailing to make it interesting. The Stylecraft Stars yarn suggested for the pattern has the exact gauge as my Vinnis Nikkim so I didn’t even have to buy any yarn. I’m making my first knitted sweater in the beautiful soft avocado green. It really is very, very pretty.

At the moment I’m still doing the detailing at the bottom of the back panel and I’m really enjoying myself. Counting stitches, concentrating, yarn overs, ribbing – the stuff that keep things interesting. Once the detailing is done (just 18 rows to go) I have to tackle the hundreds of stocking stitch rows that make up the rest of the back. Memories of knitting a scarf and getting REALLY bored are coming back to me, but I’m refusing to let those memories dampen my spirit. This isn’t a scarf – it’s a beautiful soft cotton v-neck sweater that will be a staple item in my wardrobe.

Eye on the prize Natasja. Eye on the prize.