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Sunday. Living room

10:13 She is meant to crochet my squares every evening, yet I can’t remember when last I saw a crochet hook. Will I have to sit through yet another Sunday watching her make amigurumi owls, knit (bah!), crochet placemats and do cross stitch in stead of working on my squares? By the way, what’s with the cross stitch and knitting? I thought she was all about crochet. Judas.

10:30 She and the hubby are eating breakfast. Enjoyed your lie-in did you? valuable time wasted when you could have been catching up with your mood squares. She committed to make a crochet square every day and look at me. Skinny as a rake while they’re doing that full english breakfast thing. So selfish.

11:10 She’s finally out of those hideous pajamas and in her spot on the couch. There’s a mug of tea too. Will she work on her mood blanket squares? No. She’s knitting! Stupid needles click, click, clicking away. If I was able to crochet myself a square, today would be a purple square ’cause I’m really irritated.

11:55 Ooo, she’s reaching in my direction. Tote Bag Barry tells me that she is writing down her moods in a diary. Maybe she’s reaching for the diary. At this stage any progress is better than nothing. Even if it is just to write down “okay” or “ditzy” or whatever crazy mood she’s in.

Nope, I’ve been ignored again. She was only putting her knitting away.

Why has she forsaken me? Why? I’m definitely having a grey square moment. So sad, so sad.

11:56 Off to the kitchen. Probably to make tea.

11:59 Here she comes. I smell peppermint. Called it. (How much tea can this woman drink?!)

12:01 She’s reaching in my direction again. I’m not getting my hopes up. The acrylic strands of my heart can’t take the rejection much longer. I mean really. It’s so quick to crochet a 4-round square. She doesn’t even have to join my squares – it’s join as you go for Pete’s sake. If Barry is right and she is writing down her moods every day, she is still thinking of me so why not put hook to yarn? Just one square a day is all I ask. Just one a day.

Oooh, the hand is coming closer.

I’m out of the bag! I’m out of the bag! I can see her (ugly) Crocs.

I’m on her lap! Whoo-hoo! This is it!

Barry was right. I can see the diary. It’s open at 4 April 2014. Geez, she is way behind! Not judging. Just saying.

Well hello Sirdar Hayfield Baby in White and 3.5 mm Knitpro crochet hook. Long time no see. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Come snuggle up next to the happy green square from 3 April 2014.

Suddenly my day has turned into a very good day. My stitches are practically a quiver with happiness.

13:10 She’s been crocheting squares for almost an hour now. She only took one tea break and I’ve grown by two rows – that’s more than 4 weeks worth of squares!  I think she may even be up to date with the squares. I’ll have to ask Tote Bag Barry to check the diary, but things are looking good.

13:13 I’m back in the bag and she’s off to the kitchen.  I presume this is the end of the marathon moodblanket catch-up session.   Her hands are hopefully probably aching from trying to catch up on the backlog of squares. Serves her right for neglecting me for so long, but has she learned her lesson? I’m not betting my stitch markers on it.  I will bet on something else though: she’s in the kitchen making tea.


This post is the Day 1 assignment for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 5: A Day In The Life.