On a Monday I can still remember the fun I had over the weekend, Wednesday is the middle of the work week, on Thursday I start getting hopeful and on a Friday I can taste the weekend. But what about a Tuesday? It’s so…. just there. Weekend memories are too far away and the upcoming weekend might as well be a year away.

What we need is a bit of colourful inspiration to get us going on a Tuesday, don’t you think? A pretty picture, beautiful scenery or colourful imagery. Yup, that’ll liven up Tuesdays and turn it into a terrific day!

From now on I will go through my photos and Pinterest likes every Tuesday and find us a pretty picture to add colour and joy to the day.



This is the main motif of this Japanese pattern for a crochet top. I adore it! Unfortunately, I won’t be making more of these pretty square lacy motifs because I need 18 50g balls of yarn for top! I only have 10 ballsof Vinnis Serina and seriously can’t justify having to buy eight more at almost £5 a ball – on top of the 10 I already bought! So, the yarn will be used for a knitted sweater which only needs 8 balls and this motif will beautify my bedside table. Once I worked away the two tail ends of course.

Wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday.