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Day 2 of our road trip to Scotland took us from St. Mary’s Loch on the Scottish Borders to Inverness – capital of the Scottish Highlands.

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We didn’t have as much ground to cover as Day 1, so we stopped a bit more along the way. We “took the waters” at St. Ronan’s Well in Innerleithen, had breakfast in Peebles and tea at the Beatrix Potter Garden in Dunkeld.

You’re probably wondering what I did while John was driving. Crochet of course! Being a campervan passenger at least 4 hours a day is a lot of crochet time which I couldn’t miss out on. I decided to make John a 40th birthday present (which would be on 4 September) scarf. He would see me crochet it, he chose the colours and it would always remind him of our Scotland trip. On the Thursday before our road trip I chose the stitch I would use: Tweed Stitch. Unbeknownst to me, the River Tweed runs along the English and Scottish borders! How serendipitous! Of course when we reached a parking place next to the River Tweed, we just had to take a photo of the scarf in the making.

Being in Scotland, we couldn’t wait any longer to try our Angus Beef steak. John did a great job of bbq’ing it for us, along with minted Scottish lamb chops. We didn’t even have salad with it. Any greenery would have spoilt it. In John’s words: “It was a thing of beauty.”

Our campsite for the night was the excellent Culloden Moor Caravan Club Site.


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