Do you also have a thing for pretty stationery? Stickers, post-its, colourful pens, to do notes? As a PA I am forever writing to do lists, or instructions like “please sign”, “please pass this on” or “send by courier” on post-its. The stationery cupboard on each floor of our firm has the bog standard pastel yellow post-it notes, but I HATE them. I buy my own post-its. They have to very colourful and preferably in a weird shape. I’m the only one who uses my own post-its, so much so that I don’t even have to write my name on the bottom anymore because everyone knows the green apple or orange star post-it comes from Natasja.

I also love notebooks. I have a notebook for everything!  I buy different size notebooks with different purposes. My notebooks are for “crochet designs” or “inspiration” or “soul trader business notes”, but in the end all my notebooks become a combination of all three of these – I just grab whatever is closest and start scribbling. I’ve stopped trying to restrict myself. Instead I’m embracing this by buying big, thick notebooks that can hold all my jotting, no matter what the subject matter.

Being so in love with stationery, I’ve always gone to Paperchase with their beautiful prints and designs but it is quite pricey, especially if you have a paper addiction like I have. What I need is a shop where I can buy cheap, but fun, practical and crafty stationary. I think I found it:


Hema is a Dutch chain that recently came to the UK. They have three stores (Victoria, Brompton and Kingston Upon Thames) and an online shop. I visited the Kingston branch this morning and I fell in love! If you like Ikea designs and Tiger stores prices, HEMA is the place for you.  Hema design and test everything they sell, themselves. It has a distinct Dutch feel to it, which I love. Their Dutch biscuit range is out of this world! (If I didn’t have a sugar intolerance this blog post would have been about Hema biscuits, not Hema stationery!)

Here are a few of my favourite things from the Hema online shop.

Hema selection 1

  1. First off, a set of 5 erasers shaped like balls of wool and knitting needles. I mean really. How perfect?! Price: £1
  2. A “knitted” iPhone 5 hard-case cover. I know it’s not stationery but it goes so well with no. 5 I just had to include it in my list. The knitting is photographed so it really looks like your iPhone has a woollen cozy. The covers are also available for iPhone 4 and Samsung S4 and S3 Price: £5
  3. Postage themed washi tape. Perfect for when I post Vinnis yarn to my Etsy customers. Price: £3
  4. Packaging boxes with mint green stripes. I might just switch to these when I post balls of yarn. The boxes are great for wrapping and/or posting oddly shaped items. Price: £2 for a 2-pack
  5. An A5 notebook to match the “knitted” iPhone cover. This design is also available in other colours and in other sizes. If this notebook was available in the Kingston shop I would have bought it. Instead I bought a light green notebook with the words “Anything is possible” on the cover. It’s so lovely! Not everything in the stores are available online, so it is worth checking in store and online. Price: £2
  6. I bought this set of sticky notes for work. Wow, wow, wow. Did you read my first paragraph? Can you see why it would be perfect for me to use at work? Owls that say “hello” and goldfish that say “lala”. Just what the lawyers need to liven up their desks! Price: £2
  7. Postage themed stickers. This was my third purchase, so expect a sticker on your parcel of yarn when you buy from my Etsy shop. I just love it! Price: £1

There is so, so, so, much more that you will love in Hema. And it’s so cheap! Expect a few more of these #loveHEMA posts. I can go on about them for days!

(I have not been asked, or paid, by HEMA to write this post but it does contain affiliated links.)