I’m making progress on Rose! I actually turned the corner right after I wrote last week’s post. Funny that. As soon as I put down in words what was bothering me, it stopped bothering me.

The sudden burst of enthusiasm may also be because I’m seeing the top take shape. I now have a neck and armholes. Whoohoo! I had to keep my wits about me when I joined the shapes for the armholes and neck. I made a mistake once (okay, it was twice) and had to undo a few motifs (not easy when they are join-as-you-go!) but I enjoyed the problem solving.  Oh, I also realised that I had to go up a size for the armholes, so that caused a few problem solving situations as well.

Rose crochet top

And what do we have here? A single greenish motif?!

Detail of Rose crochet top

It had always been the plan to make the last row of the body and the sleeves in this colour, but of course I had to reach the second-to-last row before I could add the green. I just HAD TO hook up the green motif as soon as I was able to join it to something just to see what it would look like: me like-y!

I’m excited about this crochet top and can’t wait for Sunday when I plan to do a lot of hooky on Rose.