I have one more blanket to show you for Crochet For Kidneys Part 4. A beautiful giant granny square blanket made by Jennifer. I love the muted shades she used, and what a clever idea to start off with two 4-round granny squares?

Jennifer hand delivered the blanket to my home – I’m so sorry I was at work when she came over.


Jennifer’s blanket came with this really cool card. Life is definitely much better when you’re laughing!

With Jennifer’s blanket, our total is now at a record 27 blankets for dialysis patients!

That reminds me: have you guys seen the graph I made to show how the blanket count has gone up over the four CFK’s? I posted it on the Crochet For Kidneys Facebook group a few weeks ago, but here it is again.

blanket v people graph

Blanket count up, participants down. Who would have thought?!

Now that all the blankets are in, I’ll be spending today and tomorrow hand writing the tags to go with each blanket.

We’ve also been thinking about the logistics of carrying 27 blankets to the hospital. Last year we had three huge bags for the 17 blankets of CFK3, so 27 is going to be even more challenging. Fortunately John had the great idea that we should vacuum pack the blankets which will reduce the size considerably. Clever man!

The next time I blog about Crochet For Kidneys it will be to tell you about delivering the blankets to the hospital on the 24th. 🙂