Last night in the Evening Standard I saw a picture of a knitted clock being sold at the Conran shop – for £350! That’s the price of my crochet clocks with an extra zero!!!  This morning I couldn’t find that specific clock on the Conran shop website, but they do have these two knitted clocks, designed by Benedetta and Carlo Tamborini for Diamantani & Domeniconi.

The covers can be removed for hand-washing and are £130 each.  It looks like it’s knitted in moss stitch so it has a nice texture, which will probably gather dust – hence removable covers for washing. I love the simplicity of it.

However….. the two Tamborini designers also make huge knitted clocks, called the Gomitolo Clocks, in six colours.

Gomitolo is the result of a collaboration between an industrial designer  (Carlo) and a fashion designer (Benedetta). It’s beauty lies in the transfer of material and technology from the fashion industry.

 The smallest of the huge clocks are 50cm diameter at £246.50 (my biggest clock sells for £50) and their big one is, wait for it, 90cm diameter – that’s almost 1 meter at £462.50!!!! But just look how amazingly it is!


I have no plans to crochet a 90cm clock – I’ll leave that to Benedetta and Carlo. I can however appreciate a beautiful thing when I see it, even if it is knitted 😉

You can buy the Gomitolo clocks at Nest, or you can buy (ten of) my crochet clocks at Etsy.