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Today’s Terrific Tuesday isn’t so much about a cheerful holiday snap, it’s an example of the power of positive thinking – and it happened to me this very morning.

When I get off the train at London Waterloo, I can take one of four busses to work. Bus numbers 76 and 26 I catch to the right of the exit, and bus numbers 4 and 172 I catch to the left of the exist. I usually go to the right. The traffic was really bad today so it took ages for a bus to come. I was first in line at the bus stop but I waited and waited and waited. I sent one of my colleagues a text messages saying that I may be late. Still I waited and waited. After about 25 minutes I spotted a number 172, which meant I had to give up my space in the front of the queue and run to the bus stop on the other side, but I didn’t mind as I would finally be on a bus. Nope. As I turned around (huffing and puffing) I saw that it wasn’t a 172 that I had spotted, but in fact a 17, and in the time that I had ran to the other bus stop numbers 76 and 26 had arrived at the bus stop where I was waiting for 25 minutes!!!

Here’s where it gets interesting. In stead of being angry or irritated I just laughed at myself. I also thought that maybe there’s a reason why I shouldn’t be on the 76 or the 26. I had already told the people at work that I may be late, so there’s also no need to stress.

About three minutes later a black cab pulled up at the bus stop and out of nowhere the lady who opened the door, turned to me and asked whether I wanted a ride to the office! It turned out to be a, now heavily pregnant, trainee lawyer who I had worked for a year ago who had been standing in the front of the queue waiting for a 172 or 4 bus! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! I was at work in a jiffy, had a lovely catch-up with Zoe in the back of the cab, was dropped off right in front of the office, and then Zoe insisted on paying for the cab!

I’m so happy that I stayed happy!

(Photo taken in Regent Street on 1 August 2010)

I hope my little example of looking at the bright side of life will inspire you to do the same. Have a Terrific Tuesday!