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Saturday hubby and I were at in St. Andrews church, Surbiton for the Maplevillage W.I. Christmas Fayre. It was a beautiful setting!

Despite the hallowed ground sales didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I only sold one blanket, eight birdies and one granny star – no clocks, and no brooches. Only one star! I thought that at £1.50 each, and being the cheapest thing on my table, they would sell really well.  Oh well, the King christmas tree is going to look REALLY good this year 🙂

Here are some pics:


The birdies were a huge success. People couldn’t resist picking them up and giving them a squeeze.

I had very craft neighbours. In total I’d say there were about thirty tables selling a variety of handy crafts. MaudiMade, which I met at the Surbiton Festival in September, was there as well. I bought a 2012 diary refill in lovely shades of green for my filofax at her stall, and I’m loving it!

For sale

All the brooches are now in my Etsy shop, and next weekend I’ll be listing the unsold baby blankets there as well.

If any of my readers are doing the Christmas Markets Thing, I wish you loads of success! For me, this was the last market as a seller. I think I’ll stick to selling online and attending craft markets as an avid buyer.