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More crochet spotted on TV! I think this shot from The Middle, Season 2, episode 2 probaby shows the most crochet blankets on one couch in the history of television! There’s a multicolour ripple, a single colour ripple and a granny square blanket! Score!!

In episode 5 of Season 2, one of The Aunts is sitting under the canary yellow granny square. I must admit that the sound of a granny square blanket with the last round of each square in canary yellow does not appeal, but seeing it in the flesh (in the yarn?), it really pops and I love it!  I can see myself sitting under something similarly clashy and bright when I reach The Aunt’s age.

My search for crochet on TV continues. Hey, it’s a tough job, but a hooker’s got to do, what a hooker’s got to do.