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Behold our christmas tree in all its crochet glory!  Doesn’t it look christmassy, colourful and wonderfully crochety? (On this blog, crochety is a word okay?)

You will recognize the granny stars from previous posts. After selling one star at the market and giving 30 away, the rest went onto our tree.  Now I’m actually glad they didn’t sell at the market because they look every so cheery on our tree.

The round decorations are rounds 1- 3 of Attic24’s hexagons  and the christmas star at the top of the tree is this Super Mario Invincibility Star pattern. I left an opening between two of the points, and also ironed on fabric interfacing to the wrong side before sewing the two halves together so that it would keep its shape on top of the tree. It worked a charm.

All the decorations are done with Rowan handknit cotton in Bleached, Rosso and Gooseberry.

The stars even look good as part of the christmas wrapping!

Have you made crochet christmas decorations? Have you decorated your christmas tree? I’d love to hear from you!