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I’d like to share a Christmas tale that proves what you give is what you get. Seriously.

On Thursday John and I decided that we would only spend £10 on each other this Christmas. While I was thinking what to get the man who has everything I thought of a Boots voucher, but then I realised it’s actually something I would really want (there’s always something for me to buy at the make-up / hair care / lotion counter) so I tried to find another gift for him.

That morning I did some work for one of the lawyers in our department who I don’t usually work for. I must have done a really good job, because later that day he handed me an envelope with a £10 Boots voucher to say thanks for the work I did! I was gobsmacked! Here I received exactly what I had desired that morning, and from the most unlikely source (seriously, if you know this lawyer you would know that a thank you, much less a voucher, is totally out of character).

Friday, my last day at work, I received various christmas presents from the lawyers I work for, including a £100 Amazon gift voucher. £100 is a lot of money to spend at Amazon! During the course of Friday morning John went to the shops to buy my £10 gift. That evening I showed him the Amazon voucher and without thinking, I just blurted out that he could have half of my voucher to spend on himself at Amazon. I honestly hadn’t planned on giving him half, it just sort of “fell” out of my mouth. He was really happy and grateful and ended up buying new Philips hairclippers and PC memory. These two items came to £60 so he asked whether he should give me the £10 back in cash but I said no, go for it, £40 is enough for me to spend on Amazon.

Christmas morning, and I received my gift from John. Guess what it was….. a £50 voucher from Boots!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, he bought the voucher before I got home that evening, so he didn’t know I would give him £60 to spend at Amazon! That means that:

I think of a £10 Boots voucher, I receive the voucher the same day.

I receive a £100 voucher and give £60 to John, but I get my £60 back in the form of £50 Boots vouchers from him and the £10 from the lawyer, and he gets his £50 back in the form of £50 from Amazon!

I just love love love love these Laws of the Universe. If you give with love, it, and more, will come back to you!!!

By the way, I’m going to spend my £40 at Amazon on, among other things, Simply Crochet: 30 Stylish Designs for Every day and Crocheted Throws and Wraps. My £10 gift to John was a very cute and funny Red Bird Angry Bird that makes the same sounds as in the iPhone game. Red Bird is now hanging out with the three crochet birdies and they are big friends. We think he’s not really angry, just a bit misunderstood.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Day with friends and family. Hopefully you’ll find time for a bit of crochet action as well.