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My niece is nine years old and loves playing with her two Baby Born dolls.  She also loves pink and apparently she very proudly tells everyone at school that her “auntie from London does crochet”.  Sweeeet. At Christmas she received her second Baby Born, a boy, so she asked me to crochet a jacket for him. How could I say no? And how could I only make one?!

I found the perfect pattern here. The jackets whip up in a couple of hours and you can really go to town with the customisation… as I did.  I adore buttons, so I used this as an opportunity to use as many as I could. Sticking to the same colour range, but using different designs. I think the mismatched buttons make these look extra playful and cheery, don’t you?

The pink scallop edge on this jacket are just shells consisting of 4dc, then you skip one sc, sc, skip one sc and then a shell of 4dc again and keep going.

I’d like to think of this one as having a sporty feel. Sort of.

The flowery button-hole on this short sleeve version is from Betty Barden’s book “Finishing Techniques for Crochet” (you can find a link to the book on the right of this page). I love this book and refer to it such a lot. It’s perfect for adding your own personal touch to a crochet piece.

The row of bobbles here, are also from Betty Barden’s book. See what I mean with using it to customise crochet?

I hope Cayla, and her dolls, like their jackets. I certainly enjoyed making them!