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Susan Dougill

Congratulations Susan! As soon as you send me your postal address, I will send you your two brooches.

Here is the screenshot that randomly selected no. 84.

How did I award numbers to subscribers you may ask?

My 103 subscribers consist of 30 fellow WordPress bloggers, and 73 email subscribers (WordPress bloggers also receive copies of new posts by email so it’s the same thing). However,  I had to deduct two from 103, seeing as I subscribe to my own blog 1) via my work email adress and 2) as a WordPress blogger – hence 101 as the Max number.

In Excel I listed all the blog followers and email addresses in one colomn. I then sorted them alphabetically and that’s how each person was allocated a number. When Random.org selected 84, I just referred to Excel sheet to find the corresponding email/blog address. All very scientific and fair.  Promise!

Thanks to this Valentines Day giveaway my blog subscription went from 80 to 103 since its launch on 6 February, which is amazing! Thank you to each and every subscriber that help me reached over 100 subscriptions. You are the best!!!!

To the rest of you who weren’t lucky enough to be drawn, here’s a Valentines Day card* from Me to You.

I hope you all have a super duper Valentines Day!

*The card is available to purchase in LemonsForLemonade‘s Etsy shop.