Last week I felt like spending a bit of money. Nothing sensible and needed, just pretty and wanted. (Does one ever get a spending urge for sensible and needed?) Where do you go for pretty and wanted? Etsy of course! I wanted to satisfy the urge quickly, so I went straight to my list of Favourite Shops and quickly found three items to pop in my shopping cart.

I’ll be sharing each of these purchases with you as I receive them. The first package arrived yesterday, from Lynn at One I Made Earlier Today. (Lynn is from Manchester and the other two shops I bought from are in the US and Singapore, so theirs will arrive later).

I took photos of each step in the unpacking process. Trust me when I say it was rather difficult not ripping off the wrapping, having to pause and take a photo before moving on!

When the envelope is decorated, you know it’s going to be good…

Beautiful flowery tissue paper, raffia, tag and a card in a see through envelope. Sensory overload!

The card had a handwritten note from Lynn. Only when you buy handmade do you get these personal touches.

And here it is. First sight of my green notebook. Isn’t it cute?!!! It’s only 10.5cm x 10.5 cm. Perfect to keep in my handbag to jot down notes. But wait, there’s more! Lynn included a something extra.

It’s a wallet for stamps! And the first page of my notebook even has a “This Book Belongs To” space.  Love it!

Even the back of the stamp wallet and last page of the notebook is cute.

Thank you for the surprise stamps wallet and for taking the time to wrap it all up so beautifully, Lynn.

I’m going to write my name in my notebook to claim it as mine, mine, mine, and start using it immediately!