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Here is the third, and last item purchased from Etsy. Remember, I told you about my three purchases here?

The packaged arrived on Tuesday but I had to wait until today to open it as I wanted to photograph it for you. I knew it would be the green crochet rose earrings from Singapore so it was torture having to wait this long! I was super eager to see whether they would look as pretty in real life as they do in the Etsy listing.

Before I can show you the earrings, I have to take it out of the envelope.  The earrings are somewhere inside the plain brown envelope.

Then…. I fold over the flap of the brown envelope to be greeted with bright beautiful trees. Not so plain anymore! In this photo you can also see the “Thanks” written on the bottom right corner of the brown envelope.  Things are looking very promising…

And then, behold my green crochet rose earrings!!! They definitely are as pretty in real life as in the listing!

I know you want a closer look.

Aren’t they beautiful? 

Perfectly formed roses made with tiny stitches:  I think 1.5mm or 2mm hook, and cotton thread.

I honestly can’t wait to wear them!

The seller of these beauties is Khin, a 20 year old Civil Engineering student from Singapore who loves to do crafty things.  If you also want beautiful crochet earrings, visit her Etsy store. Or you can read all about Khin on her blog: Khins-craft-space.

I now have two pairs of green crochet earrings bought on Etsy. The other pair look like this. I totally love green, so I think it’s justified that I should have a hanging pair of green crochet earrings, as well as a stud pair. I also love rose stud earrings, so to my thinking it’s perfectly fine that I have two pairs, one in red felt. The red studs look like this. And who can forget my custom made turtles, blogged about here?

I’d like to think of these earings not so much as earrings for me, more like support for Etsy sellers. That’s a good way of justifying thinking isn’t it?

(I may have to get more ear piercings. It’s a disgrace that I can only wear one pair of earrings at a time.)

So this concludes my Etsy shopping spree unboxing posts. Don’t fear, I guarantee there will be more of these in the (very near, knowing myself) future.

I hope these three unboxing posts have inspired you to also support handmade sellers. If you like instant gratification, support handmade by buying at craft markets. If you like a leisurely browse and opening parcels, buy online. Either way, you’ll be making a crafty person very happy.

Hear, hear for handmade!