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Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Can you see how time flies?

I thought my first GIF must show one of my ticking clocks – it just makes sense considering the theme of this blog don’t you think? But what clock should I choose for the GIF debut?

It’s got to be the biggest one I have – the 45cm Big Benny in shades of green.  I don’t think people realise just how big it is! Big Benny is for sale in my Etsy shop for £40. Just click here.

As for GIF’s. Well, a GIF is the name of a file extention (like PDF, JPG or DOC).  It stands for Graphics Interchange Format (geek speak to my ears) and basically means a file of moving images in a loop – not a video, but not a static photo either.

I was introduced to GIFs in blogs, by Christelle who told me about One Sheepish Girl’s blog. She has the cutest GIFs! I use a iPhone App to create mine but a quick Google search will produce many other GIF creating websites.

My GIFs are nothing compared to the amazing, fascinating, beautiful GIF-type images by fashion photographer, Jamie Beck. Honestly people, have a look at these photos – it’s not photos, and it’s not GIFs – it’s cinemagraphs.

The GIF possibilities are endless, so expect to see a lot more on my blog.