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How cute is this little guy?! Check out his removable scarf and flippers that can balance snowballs! His name is Snuggles The Penguin and was created by Stephanie of All About Ami.

I found Stephanie’s tumblr blog quite by accident, but what a lovely find! Not only does she share the very, very cute amigurumi she makes but she shares the patterns as well! This is the link to the pattern for Snuggles, and you can find all her patterns here.

What about this one: have you ever seen a cuter dragon?!?

Stephanie created Dragon from a drawing by Kim of Oborocharms. From a drawing I tell you! My head can’t work out how anyone can look at something in 2D and then create a 3D crochet piece from that. Huh? That’s so clever! I barely understand crochet diagrams!

When she had finished Dragon, Stephanie told Kim that she made a amigurumi dragon based on her drawing and a friendship was born which lead to Snuggles the Penguin, which Stephanie crocheted based on one of Kim’s charms.

I love the “back story” for Dragon and Snuggles: two creative people working together is bound to create something special. And as a bonus, we can have a piece of that action by hooking our own Dragon and/or Snuggles.  Result!