No, I didn’t get the grammar wrong on the title of this blog. I really do have an Ideas: a digital copy of the April issue of the South African craft+decor+food+entertaining magazine, Ideas.

The fact that I have a magazine really isn’t blog worthy, so why am I telling you about this you may ask. It’s because…..

In their “Web Inspiration” article (giving tips on how to create a blog) they list 14 of their favourite websites and blogs, and crocheTime is one of those 14! See, there I am at the bottom right of the page:

I was blown away when I found out! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a huge magazine like Ideas (they also publish the magazine in Afrikaans) would know about little ‘ole me, and not only know about me, but think my blog is worthy of a mention in their list of favourites!
Some of the other websites & blogs they like are Pinterest, The Pioneer Woman, Craftzine and Ravelry so I’m really amongst the Big Ones.

To any new readers from South Africa: thanks for looking me up and popping in! To the person in charge of deciding which blogs to include in the article: thank you so much!