It’s my YouTube debut today! I’m so excited about Belle and have such a lot to say, a typed blogpost just wouldn’t be able to get the message across, so I did a video!

I put together the video to show you how to construct Belle. (I blogged about the gauge swatches and finding yarn for Belle, here.)

Please be patient with me, as it was the first time I did a video. You might have to turn up the volume a bit. There’s a lot of uhm’s and a bit of eye rolling whilst I try to find my words. The video also ends quite abruptly, but that’s because there’s a ten minute limit on YouTube videos (I actually talked for about 15 minutes, with a proper ending, but hey-ho.)

I hope the video helps you if you are making Belle, alternatively it gives you ideas for making a similar crochet top.

Please note that I’m making size M, so where I refer to 89 dc and 23cm, that’s specific to size M.