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My Mastercard and I have been doing our bit for the British economy, keeping Royal Mail in business and contributing (quite substantially) to my yarn stash. The purchases haven’t been willy-nilly, random “ooh that’s pretty!” (although they are) purchases though. I have a plan. You see, Garnstudio has a Supersale on until the end of May, so I’m taking advantage of that. I also know exactly what I want to use the yarn for, so I know how much to buy and I know the yarn I choose will work for the pattern. Purposefully expanding my stash. See. A plan. Do you want to see what I bought and what I’ll be using it for? Of course you do!

First up is Doris Chan’s Tall Latte v-neck sweater from her book Everyday Crochet (there’s a link to it on the right of the page).

I’m not going to make the ribbing-like neck and sleeve edging – I have a better plan which I will tell you about once I start working on Tall Latte. I’m going to use Drops Merino Extra Fine in shade 04 – a medium grey. Yes I know grey is, well, grey, but I have three patterned Boden skirts that will look excellent with a grey top, so the whole outfit won’t be drab & dreary and I’ll get a lot of use out of the grey top.  Merino Extra Fine is one of the Super Sale yarns. In stead of paying £3.10 per ball, I paid £2.75 at The Crochet Chain.
Next up is a Garnstudio top called Country Dream. Sooo pretty!
The suggested yarn is Drops Safran. After the success of Whispers, I’m quite keen to stick to the suggested yarns for Garnstudio patterns, but Drops Safran isn’t on the Garnstudio Supersale list of marked down yarns. Luckily Scandinavian Knitting Design shop is offering it on sale! I bought shade 51 (Petrol) for £1.87 in stead of the usual £2.49! I’m going to modify the top so that it doesn’t hang over my hips, which means I could buy one less ball than suggested by the pattern. Another saving right there!
Last, but not least is a Vintage tank top. I bought the vintage Sirdar pattern from PastPerfect patterns this morning (and got the pdf within two hours!)
I’ll be making the one on the right with the flowery neckline. Isn’t it pretty?! I love the idea that I’m going to make something that’s proper vintage. Not a modern pattern reworked to look vintage, or vintage inspired, this baby is really truly from a vintage pattern.
All the Sirdar yarn they suggest, have been discontinued by now, so I had to find a substitute. Luckily I only need a very small amount of yarn as it’s a sleeveless pattern so I splurged and bought three balls of Rowan Sienna for £4.75 each. It’s not on sale, but at £4.75 a ball I know I’ll never crochet a whole sweater in this yarn, so as I only need three balls I thought what the heck. I bought a lovely green called Grasshopper from MCA Direct.
As soon as I’ve finished Belle I’ll start with the vintage tank top. I plan on taking it with me on holiday to Corfu at the end of this month. We’ll be there for a week. I can’t think of anything nicer than enjoying the sunshine in a foreign land, crochet hook and Rowan yarn in hand. I may even be able to finish the tank top whilst I’m there! Nevermind blocking, if I manage to finish it in Corfu, I’ll be wearing it in Corfu!
Drops Merino Extra Fine: £3.10 £2.75
Drops Safran: £2.49 £1.87
Rowan Sienna: £4.75

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