I’ve got to show you something. It’s so, so, so, cool (it feels wrong for a 34 year old to use the word “cool”, but that’s really the only way to describe it).

It all started with a print I bought from from Stephanie, the Head Hooker and mastermind behind Obey Crochet and the super creative & funny crochet related drawings. She is so extremely talented I really wanted to support her. It’s one thing to read her blog, like a drawing on her Facebook page and mention her in one of my blogposts, but that’s not money in her pocket. So I bought a print that I could totally relate you: Will Hook For Yarn, because I will.

The print will be framed to hang somewhere in our house but that’s not good enough for me. I spend 8 hours a day at work, so how could I enjoy my Obey Crochet print at work? Oh I know – have the print transferred onto a mug!!!

Stephanie agreed that I could do this with my print, so I scanned the image and used Printster to have it printed on both sides of a plain white mug. I think having it on both sides is key – I see the drawing when I pick up my mug, but so do everyone that walks past my desk. Spreading my hook & yarn obsession as far as possible.

Behold, the tea drinking vessle of a desperate hooker.