My new (blog) business cards.


Roses and Daisies cushions; Belle; Hexagon scarf; Yarn; Identity Crisis Blanket 

Ever heard of Moo? It’s a genius company that allows you to make business cards, mini cards, postcards, stickers, address labels and more using your own photos! You can even load the photos straight from Facebook, Etsy, Flickr or Picassa onto their (very easy to use) website.

Moo is brilliant! I’ve used them to make stickers, postcards, address labels and of course business cards for my Etsy shop and can’t recommend them highly enough.

They have a referral system, so if you do use Moo please use this link – I will get points as I referred you, but you will also receive 10% off your first order! Win-win.

Now I just need somewhere to go to so that I can hand out my cards. Wonder of the barista at Starbucks will take one?

*P.S. The photo was taken with Instagram and a filter applied. In real life, the cards are much more vibrant.