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I did it again! Another yarnbomb for Thames Ditton. I had such a great response from the squares at the station, I just had to do another.


This time I chose to beautify the bench in front of the Summer Road Recreation Ground. I did my measuring on Friday, crocheted the “leg warmers” on Saturday and sewed them onto the slats on Sunday afternoon.

The slats are 4.5cm in circumference. To make the crochet strips 4.5cm wide I chained 21, starting the DC in the 3rd chain from the hook, and did 28 rows of DC. I only used warm shades of Stylecraft Special DK, starting with yellow and ending in a maroon & bright red stripe.   

Hubby was the willing accomplice (or as he thought of himself – my bodyguard) and photographer.


The autumn sun shining down on the bright yarn, really makes it sing don’t you think?


I truly hope the park users will enjoy the new and improved bench. 

I’m not planning another yarnbomb in Thames Ditton until later in Autumn when the trees (actually, one specific tree) has lost all its leaves 😉 Fear not, I will strike again!


Update on the Station Road / Speer Road fence: two of the squares have been removed and one torn. It’s sad, and mind-boggling to me, that someone would take the time to cut through cable ties to remove something that’s only purpose in life is to be pretty.   Let’s hope the remaining seven squares, and the park bench yarnbombing, will stay put.