On the 11th October Anita left me a comment saying that she had spotted a crochet throw on The Guardian, Season 2, Episode 10. I just had to investigate.

The episode’s name is “Sacrifice” and the crochet blanket is to die for!!! Betsy, played by Ashley Johnson, wraps herself in the crochet throw. Sorry Ashely, but the throw steals the show big time!


Each square is made up of four of tiny granny squares. (Steps 1 to 8 of this granny square photo tutorial.)

You join your the four tiny squares together with this method to make one big square.

Then, join the big squares together with this zig zag scallop join method.  It’s not exactly the same as the throw in the show, but it’s as close as I could find and it will give you the same effect.

To get the same colour effect, make sure you use one colour for two of the tiny squares in each big square as well as for your scallop join. This will be your main colour. If you do it this way, the other colours you chose for your tiny squares will stand out and give a visual rhythm to the throw.

Now that I think about it, this design can be used for scarves, throws, cushions and even sweaters….. I’m off to Ravelry to add yet another project to my queue.