In Wednesday’s free Stylist magazine, which I always take to read on the train home, there was an article called “A hug in a bottle” with knitted sculptures by Kate Talbot.

Knitted. Do you think these are knitted? I think it’s crochet.

Stylist magazine knitted crochet perfume bottles

I visited Kate Talbot’s website  (, but there is nothing knitted or crocheted on her site so I’m not sure whether these beautiful works of art have been incorrectly described as knitting by Stylist, or whether it really is knitting.  (I may be a bit overly sensitive, but I hate it when crochet is called knitting!)

Fact remains, whether it’s knitted or crocheted, these perfume bottles are amazing accomplishments.

As I’ve said before, I really take my beanie off to people who can look at a shape and recreate it with yarn and a crochet hook.  I think everyone has the ability to crochet, but not everyone (including me) can create three-dimensional shapes in crochet.

Be it knitted or crocheted, these wooly perfume bottles  are splendiferous. Wool has definitely never smelled this good.