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I think I’ve had my fill of fruit for now: 14 Days of crocheting fruit (including on the 07:26 to Waterloo and lunch hours in Caffe Nero), four balls of Stylecraft Special Chunky and six balls of Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Chunky later, I’ve made 64 pieces of fruit for the Surbiton Food Festival yarnbomb.

64 Pieces of crochet fruit over 14 days works out to just under 5-a-day. How health conscious am I?!

crochet fruit.jpg

Crocheting the fruit was fun, but doing the stems and leaves and then having to sew the three (tiny) parts together got a bit tedious by the time I got to pear number 15, give or take an orange or two.

Now, thankfully, it’s time to move on to stripes. My favourite thing in the whole world. Just mindless trebles in any colour and I can go as mad and bright as I want. In fact, for the purpose of a yarnbomb the more outrageous the colours the better!

My amazing husband was with me two weeks ago when I went to Surbiton to take measurements. He is a stickler for detail and an excellent draughtsman. With his accurate measurements and my love of colour, the yarnbomb is going to look great!

Yarnbomb stripes for lamppost.jpg

Lovely Alice of Knit n Run 4 Sanity has blogged about her very cute cherries, grapes and strawberry contributions here. She even shares her pattern with us. Thank you so much Alice!!

Just to recap, the details of the fruity yarnbomb is in this post, and the pattern for the crocheted fruit is on this link: Crochet fruit pattern. Anyone can crochet fruit and send it to me, as long as it reaches me before 22 March 2013. Apart from Alice and Louise (the designer of the fruit patterns) I have a lady from Dubai who is contributing and I think one or two from South Africa as well!

If you are also crocheting fruit for the yarnbomb, how many have you made?