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Last week I showed you how to make a single colour granny square. Today I’ll show you how to crochet a multicoloured, traditional granny square.

This is probably what you think of when you think “granny square”.  If you’ve seen granny square blankets on shows like The Big Bang Theory or the Roseanne show, this photo tutorial will show you how to make one in the same style. I’ve blogged about those famous granny square blankets here and here. If you want to make those blankets, just use black as your final round and be as bright as you like with the other rounds.

Multi colour granny square tutorial

As for the green bunny in the photo…. I just couldn’t resist. His fur matched the centre of my granny square so perfectly, he was just begging to be on the cover!

You can hop on over (see what I did there?) to the Photo Tutorials page here, or click on the photo above to download the pdf photo tutorial.