Kleenex crochet hexagons pocket pack.jpg

I know!!!!! Your reaction to this photo, was my reaction in Boots a few minutes ago.

I was in Boots to buy something for John, when I saw a 6-pack of the smaller “Collection” Kleenex pocket packs. Two of the six were wrapped in this crochet hexagon print. I nearly knocked over a woman in my attempt to quickly throw it in my basket (not that any of the Suits in Boots Fleet Street would put up a fight for a crochet covered pack of tissues, but I grabbed and ran anyway).

I’ts only £1.29 for the pack of six.  I’ll be using the other four – they have photos of a leaf and russian matryoshka dolls on them (I’m telling you this because I know you will be going to Boots to look for it) – but the two with the crochet hexagons will remain untouched. Obviously.