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Yesterday was the day of the London Bridges Walk for Kidney Research UK. I told you about it in this post.

Pieter, Lizelle, Trinity, Uncle Les (a close family friend of Pieter), John and I completed the 7 mile (11.26 km) walk in 3 hours. We were kinda knackered, but it was a very scenic route and we had a lovely breeze from the Thames which made it easier. As you can see from the slideshow of photos we had a lot of laughs along the way. I’m a bit, okay a lot, stiff this morning but it’s worth it (and nothing compared to what people on dialysis have to go through every day).

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I found out today that the law firm where I work will contribute £250 if any of its employees raise £250 for a charity! I mananged to raise £255 out of the £571 we have so far. £5 over the mimimum needed to get an extra £250 for Kidney Research UK. Yeah!!! Our target is £1000 and it looks like we’ll make it! I’m so grateful to everyone in the Banking and SCM departments of Baker & McKenzie who donated, and even more grateful to the M.A.D. (Making A Difference) committee for doubling my contribtutions.