You are hereby invited to join me on Friday 7 February 2014 for two hours of hexagon joining!

Invitation 7 feb

Our day of joining the hexagons is getting closer! We are going to invade the Court Farm Garden Centre cafe for two hours of crocheting. The garden centre’s “official” address is Worcester Park but the closest train station is Tolworth. Have a look at their website here:

The cafe manager said that it would be fine for us to sit there for 2 hours as long as we eat and drink something. They have a great menu at very reasonable prices and do fantastic coffee so I’m sure finding something to eat and drink won’t be a problem. We could even do brunch!

Please RSVP before 1 February so that I can book a table. In case you’re wondering about the joining of the hexagons, Jane Czaja will be there to show us how to do it

I really hope you can make it!!

If you have been making hexagons for Crochet For Kidneys Part II, but can’t join us on the 7th of February, you can share your photos on the newly created Facebook Group!!!!!!!!!! Just click here to find the group or search for “Crochet For Kidneys”. I only had the brainwave to create a Group a few minutes ago so it’s still very new and only consists of three members…. I will add photos of the blankets from Crochet For Kidneys Part I and photos of the beautiful hexagons received so far, this evening.
Please use the group to share your hexagons and blankets with the rest of us. I will also use it to pass on information.

By the way, I received four parcels of hexagons today (Yeah!!!) and I started joining up hexagons on the train to work this morning.  The blankets are literally taking shape