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I received a further 32 hexagons for Crochet For Kidneys Part II!! That makes the total so far 106, which is enough for two very colourful blankets!

Emma Ashman and her mom sent me 17 colourful hexagons from Suffolk. Their Dad & Husband had suffered from kidney failure for years and passed away in November last year. It’s cases like these, and the good hearts of people like Emma and her Mom that motivate me to keep going with Crochet For Kidneys.  Thank you ladies for thinking of others when you could so easily have said you are done with all things “kidney failure” – which would have been understandable after what you have been through. Your participation truly means a lot to me.

Emma Ashman hexagon collage Phyllis hexagon collage

Looking at the hexagons already received, I can tell that our blankets are going to be sooooo beautiful! Keep them coming!!!