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This week has been the best week yet for Crochet For Kidneys Part II. I received 10 parcels from 8 crocheters containing 229 hexagons! The 229 hexagons are enough for 3.8 blankets and brings the total hexagon count to a whopping 459 – enough for 7 and a half blankets! I know there are more hexagons on the way, so we should have at least eight blankets for dialysis patients at the Royal London Hospital!

I am so happy and so humbled by the charitable spirit of my blog readers. The cards and hand written notes with words of encouragement you include, also mean the world to me.

Here are the 229 hexagons I received:

collage creativepixie collage Helena edinburgh collage ian grannyman collage Julia dunnit Collage lunchladyjan collage pauline collage tamika collage woollyloopy

Collage sonja jun

If your are a member of the Crochet For Kidneys group you would have seen what happened to Sonja’s beautiful box of hexagons – I forgot them on the train!! I know right?! The box was delivered to my work address on Thursday, so I had to take it home with me. I got on the train at Waterloo and put it on the storage rack above my head. Only when I got home and wanted to show John the box with the beautiful flower stamps from Germany did I remember about the box. I kid you not, my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. I felt so incredibly stupid and very, very bad. All the hours of work, the yarn, the time spent making the hexagons and time and money spent on putting it in the post – and I forgot it on the train!

Thankfully someone saw the package and handed it in at the Lost Property office.  I collected it from there on Friday evening. Hooray for honest people!!!! I had to sign a sheet at the Lost Property office when I picked up, and paid £2, for my box of hexagons. The list showed what others had collected that day. I counted four iPads, two Tablets, reading glasses and right at the top of the list was a wallet! There were other things too, but this is all that I could make out in the short time it took Wilson to write down my details. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are still honest and kind people out there?

Not that I need any more proof – I mean, I received 229 hexagons for charity blankets in just week. Thank you, thank you, thank you!