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♫♪Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-a-Dee-Dee-Ay, Oh what a lovely bunch of people you are!♪♪

I received a great response on my post from Sunday launching Crochet For Kidneys Part II! Most of you who attended the event on 9 November have said that you will take part in Part II and I even have a promise of one whole hexagon blanket from Tammy!

You also voted for your favourite colour for the last round of the hexagons. Our (very clear) winner with 55.88% of the votes is: WHITE. I’m really glad most of you went for white. I was secretly hoping for this result. White will form a lovely frame around our brightly coloured hexagons and it’s a universal colour. You guys have good taste!!!

So here is all you need to know to take part in Crochet for Kidneys Part II – the hexagons.

Crochet for Kidneys the hexagons

If you’re stuck for crochet hexagon patterns, here are a few helpful links:

Ten free hexagon patterns

Lionbrand’s hexagon market bag

Attic 24’s Hexagon (I used Lucy’s pattern to make a scarf – the close-up of which you see in the photo above)

Step by step photo tutorial for making a hexagon

The deadline is 7 February 2014 because John and I plan to go to the Royal London Hospital on the 28th of February to hand over the blankets. We have two months to crochet the hexagons, will get together on the 7th of February somewhere in the Surrey area (details to follow once I’ve decided on a venue) for a 2 hour joining session, and then we have three weeks to finish as many blankets as we can.

Please join our Ravelry group here, Tweet and Instagram using #crochet4kidneys and most importantly get hexagoning people!! Wouldn’t it be great if we can make more than seven blankets this time? Tell your crocheting buddies and spread the word please. You can even use Pinterest to pin the picture in this post.

I seriously can’t wait for the first hexagons to fall through my front door! If you need my address, please use the Contact Me form.

I will start making hexagons as soon as I’ve finished joining the last two of the purple-and-white square blankets from Part I.  I’m going to buckle down and get those to blankets done asap so that it can be delivered to the dialysis unit of the Royal London Hospital before Christmas. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Hexagoning everyone! Brace yourselves – you’re going to see that phrase a lot running up to 7 February!