Everyone needs a space to call their own don’t you think? Your area where you can do your own thing and surround yourself with that which makes you happy. Yesterday, I got my little hideaway and I’m so grateful for it!

Before I show you, I have to say that our house is tiny. It might be small but it’s big enough for the two of us and we love every inch of our home. But being small, we need to make the best use of all the space we do have. One of the things we have found that works really well is to utilise the space behind doors. For example, behind our bedroom door we have a tall bookshelf for shoes and in the spare room we hide the ironing board and clothes drying rack behind the door. All of these unsightly everyday things are neatly hidden away yet easily accessible.

The only option we had for creating a workstation for me was to go looking behind doors again. We found the perfect space in the living room.

IMG_6027 before

All I really wanted was a white desk (it has to be white so that I can use it to take photos for crochet tutorials), a chair and maybe a little cupboard, but how do you fit a whole desk and chair behind a door? You go to Ikea and buy a drop-leaf desk and foldable chair!

IMG_6028 after When I’m ready to work I flip the desk up, unfold my chair (which is of course stored behind another door), plug in the Macbook and I’m good to go!

IMG_6030 ready to work

I can place my chair on any of the three sides of my table depending on what I’m doing. For photos I’ll probably sit facing the window so that the natural light will fall on my crochet, and when I want to watch TV and do admin at the same time, I can sit with my back to the window. Look, I even have a little snake plant to keep me company. The whole setup cost us less than £100 (and to think we considered converting the garage into an office at a cost of £16,000!)

I’m typing this post seated at my desk, looking out at the garden where John is mowing the lawn and loving every minute! It’s strange how having a dedicated writing area makes it so much more pleasurable to write. My crocheting spot is still on the sofa, but for blogging, Etsy, admin and basically anything that has to be done on a laptop, I will be seated on my turquoise chair. 

Over time I’m sure my Office Behind The Door will change and become more “me”. Can anyone say crochet bunting? I also plan on crocheting baskets and covers for glass jars which will go inside the cupboard to keep my stationary. I’ll need a coaster to protect my white table too. Oooh, and a cushion for my chair!

If you want to recreate my little Office Behind The Door in your home, you’ll need the Norberg wall-mounted drop-leaf table,  a Frode folding chair and Besta shelf

Oh, and don’t forget the Sansevieria potted plant. Every fold-away desk needs one. You will also need a brilliant handyman like my dear husband who’s idea it was to get a  fold-away desk for me and did an excellent job in putting it up.

Let the writing commence!