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Do you remember my Sunset Shades Scarf? The one I made with the Vinnis Nikkim cotton yarn that my mom gave me which kicked off my love of Vinnis yarn? I blogged about that beautiful zig zag scarf way back in January and said that I will be writing up the pattern soon. “Soon” turned out to be two months later (whoops) but it’s done now and available to purchase in my Etsy shop!

I tried to make the pattern as easy as possible to follow. There are “Good To Know” and “Handy Tips” scattered throughout. There’s even links to two YouTube videos that will show you how to start the chevron and make Long SC stitches.

The magic thing about this scarf is the way the colours blend into each other so I took my time to write a pattern that would explain these colour changes as best I could. The scarf uses 10 shades (two of which are repeated within one colour sequence) so I had to keep my wits about me when I wrote the pattern! That, paired with all the hexagon joining of the Crochet For Kidneys Part 2 blankets, is the reason for the two month delay. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Scarf pattern collage

In my efforts to make the pattern easy to follow, each row is written in a font colour similar to the colour of the yarn. Bearing that in mind, do you see all the white, very light grey and light yellow in my scarf? It would have been impossible to read text in those colours printed on white paper, so I created a different colour scheme to write the pattern.  The example is there in the bottom left of the photo above.

Do those colour also remind you of Neapolitan ice cream? It’s the pink and brown (or should I say strawberry and chocolate) that does it for me and brings back wonderful childhood memories of enjoying Gatti’s Neapolitan ice cream. (South African blog readers will know Gatti ice cream). A big bowl full of “that stripy ice cream” after Sunday lunch was such a treat. To me chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream was okay on their own, but put them together and suddenly they became cool and made desert taste ten times better.

The same applies to the zigzag scarf pattern. Lots of colours in lots of stripes makes for a scarf ten times better than any other. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed Neapolitan ice cream.


Chevron Zig Zag scarf

£3.50 on Etsy

Available as an instant download .pdf file