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We are making blankets for kidney dialysis patients again! Do you remember Crochet for Kidneys Part 1 and Part 2? Did you help make blankets by crocheting purple and white squares for Part 1, or colourful hexagons with white borders for Part 2? So many of my lovely readers sent me crochet motifs I was blown away. Crochet For Kidneys grew from seven blankets in Part 1, to 14 blankets in Part 2 which John and I delivered to the hospitals on 27 November 2012 and 13 March 2014 . Who knows how many blankets we’ll have for Part 3!!!

For the design of the Part 3 blankets, we are combining the shape of Part 1 with the colours of Part 2: squares in any colour and any design, as long as the last round is white. It’s going to be soooooo cheerful and pretty!

You can make any square design, as long as the last round is white and the total size is 15cm from side to side. My free Granny Square in Bloom pattern will work really well as long as you make the last round white. Step by step photo tutorials for Granny Square In Bloom, and a traditional granny square, can be found here. Granny Square In Bloom has also been translated into UK / Australian crochet terms on Spincushions blog here.

If you need more inspiration, Jan Eaton’s book 200 Crochet Blocks is filled with patterns for squares designed to be 15 cm squared.

But unlike Part 1 and Part 2, this time in stead of loose, individual squares I would like you to send me STRIPS OF SIX SQUARES JOINED TOGETHER please. Most people sent me very close to, and most of the time much more than, six squares. However it was a mammoth task for me to join up all the motifs into blankets. Considering that we doubled our blanket count for Part 2, I am sure we will increase that number even more for Part 3, in which case my Joining Job will be even greater. I’m sure you guys will understand and not mind spending a few minutes joining up six squares. Right?

Seeing as the last round of each square is going to be white, we will join the squares in white as well. Please use the Slip Stitch join method as described in the first photo of this Simply Crochet Magazine link or follow the join-as-you method shown here.

As for the yarn, please do not use wool as it may shrink or felt when the recipients wash their blankets on a too warm wash. Acrylics in Double Knit or Light Worsted only please.

The deadline for me to receive the 6-square strips is Saturday 1 November 2014. John and I will be delivering the blankets to the Royal London Hospital on 27 November 2014 (the 2 year anniversary of the kidney transplant operation).

crochet for kidneys part 3

Please share your squares, ask questions, comment and be part of  the Ravelry group here, Tweet and Instagram using #crochet4kidneys and join the Facebook group here. Most importantly  start making and joining people!! Wouldn’t it be great if we can make more than fourteen blankets this time? Tell your crocheting buddies and spread the word please. You can even use Pinterest to pin the picture in this post.

I seriously can’t wait for the first strip of six colourful squares to arrive! If you need my address, please use the Contact Me form.