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We’ve now been camping for a month and as you can probably tell from my post-weekend blog posts, we love it! Since I love crochet too, it would only follow that I will crochet camping / campervan / caravan goodies and here is the first one: a caravan keychain.

crochet a caravan keychainYou can whip this caravan keychain up with scraps of yarn in less than a hour.

You will need double knit or light worsted cotton yarn in two shades and a 4 mm crochet hook. Also light grey yarn for embroidery and two small black buttons.

I wrote the pattern in US crochet terms. In UK crochet terms, the SC = DC, HDC = HTR, DC = TR, TR = DTR.

Caravan body. Make two:

Row 1: With colour A (blue in my example) chain 11, SC in the 2nd chain from hook (10 sc)
Row 2: Chain 1, 2 SC in same stitch, 10 sc, 2 SC in same (12 SC)
Row 3: Chain 1, SC in each stitch (12 SC).
Row 4 Chain 1, SC in each stitch (12 SC). Change to colour B (white in my example).
Row 5 – 7: Chain 1, SC in each stitch (12 SC)
Row 8: Chain 1, sc2tog, 8 SC, sc2tog (10 SC)
Row 9: Chain 1, sc2tog, 6 SC, sc2 tog (8 SC). Fasten off.

Row 1: With colour A chain 4, SC in the 2nd chain from hook (3 SC).
Row 2 – 4: Chain 1, SC in each stitch (3 SC). Change to colour B.
Row 5 – 6: Chain 1, SC in each stitch. (3 SC). Fasten off.

Window and doors:
Use light grey yarn and backstitches to embroider the door onto one of the caravan panels. Use french knot for door handle. Use back stitch to embroider the window. The bottom line of the window should be worked over 4 SC. Work one side diagonally across two rows. The top upper line of the window will then be worked over 3 SC.  Space the window and the door one SC apart.

Repeat the window design on the the second caravan panel, replacing the door with a second window.

With colour B chain 22 and fasten off. Use the tail end to sew the chain onto the wrong side of one of the caravan panels, positioning it at the top left corner. Make sure not to stich through to the right side when sewing on the chain.

Sew on a small black button on each caravan panel, positioning the buttonholes in line with the bottom of caravan. Using neat overhand stitches, sew the two sides together with matching yarn.

Caravan keychain front with words

Caravan keychain back

I hope you enjoy making the cute caravan keychain. Please link your keychains to the pattern on Ravelry so that I can see all the happy hooky caravans!