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It’s time for a long overdue update on the Crochet For Kidneys Part 3 contributions. Since blogging about your generous contributions last time, I’ve received two further complete blankets and 22 strips of six squares!

The grand total stands at four complete blankets and 37 strips of six squares. The 37 strips will make four blankets with one strip left over – that’s eight blankets to give to dialysis patients so far! Fantastic! (And I’m very grateful that I only have to join up 37 strips, in stead of 222 squares!)

Jan Appleton, the blogger behind Lunch Lady Jan’s Fabric Frenzy sent me this “riotous rainbow” blanket. She said CFK3 was a great stash busting project. You have one crazy beautiful stash Jan! I love the design of your blanket and I’m sure it will definitely cheer up a dialysis patient!

Jan collage

The next beautiful blanket is from Tamy. She used an interesting, colourful mix of square and colours for her sample square blanket, including my Delicate Daisy Square and the Smiling Kidney Square from CFK1. The colours of this blanket make it perfect for a man or a woman. I would proudly have this blanket in my home, so I know it will be well loved by the recipient.

Tamy blanket

The strips of six squares were made by lovely crochets in the USA, UK, Portugal, Australia and Ireland! Thank you so much ladies for your hard work and fantastic contributions from all four corners of the world.

Don’t you think it looks like Deb and Tanya planned a blanket together? Same with Alyx and Gerlene, and Linda and Soo? These squares prove that no matter where you live in the world, deep down we are all the same. (World Leaders should really take note…. mmmm… maybe the United Nations should arrange a worldwide crochet along?)

Soo sent me 10 strips of colourful squares. That’s a whole blanket plus one strip! I’ll be able to use Soostrips for every blanket that I’m crocheting together. Great job Soo!

Tanya tells me she also contributed yellow bunting triangles which was sent to York for the Tour de France. This lady loves to share her crochet far and wide.

Linda’s contribution is in memory of her father who could not face any more dialysis and passed away eight years ago. Thank you so much Linda. Your beautiful squares are going to be part of a blanket which will bring comfort to a dialysis patient. Your father is sure to be very proud of you.

I will soon start to join up the 37 strips into blankets. My favourite part is arranging everyone’s squares into new blankets. I know I can try to make one blanket with as few as possible different crocheter’s contributions so that it would match, but I don’t want to. I love that a blanket can be made up of up to nine different crocheter’s work. That’s the good vibes and well wishes of nine people coming together into one blanket to be given to one person. Nine strangers working together to make one lovely blanket. How amazing is that?


If anyone else wants to send squares please don’t wait too long. I need enough time to join up all the squares before handing it over to the dialysis unit of Royal London Hospital on 25 November, so 1 November (give or take a few days) is the deadline for getting squares to me.