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Crochet For Kidneys Part 3 is in full swing people! So far I have received two complete blankets and 15 strips of six squares!

The crochet contributions you see below come from France, England and Germany and each one is absolutely perfect and beautiful.

I was especially blown away by the two completed blankets. So much hard work and love have gone into each square. Both Tamika and Emma & Sandra used a cheery array of squares in happy colours. Thank you so, so, so much ladies – your work is beautiful and I really appreciate the time and cost that went into making these blankets and getting them to me.

emma and sandra tamika

We even have a knitted strip of squares. I didn’t even realise it was knitted until I read Carina‘s note! Carina’s mom, Angelika, isn’t a crocheter but wanted to join in CFK3 because her husband, Carina’s dad, is very ill with several illness and being 80 years old there is no hope for a new kidney for him. Knowing all about kidney failure first hand, Angelika really wanted to help in our charity project. I’m so glad she did! I love her knitted squares! If anyone else wants to knit up squares, follow her example – the strip of six squares are perfect!

I also have to mention Trish to you. I adore her brightly coloured squares. And there are so many of them! But wait, there’s more. Really there is more: she emailed me to ask if she can send me more! (I actually thought that Carina’s Mom’s knitted squares were a forgotten strip of squares from Trish, because they are so similar. Whatever knitted stitch was used, it is amazingly similar to SC crochet stitches.)

Thank you each and every one who sent me a colourful, cheery, strip of squares. I can’t wait for the 1 November deadline so that I can start putting together everyone’s contributions into blankets!