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This week four more parcels arrived for CFK3. They contained a whole blanket and 18 strips of squares. The grand total of donations now stands at  five complete blankets and 55 strips of six squares. How fantastic is that?!

Although I only received four parcels in the post, our beautiful contributions come from seven crocheters! Thank you times seven!

Trish sent me eight strips of solid colour squares which I showed you in this post. Now Trish went one better and joined up her colourful squares to make a whole blanket. Not only that, she embroidered sunflowers on some of the squares. I just love that!!!  Thank you very much for your huge contribution Trish.

Trish blanketSeeing as I only need to join strips of squares, and not hundreds of individual squares like in previous CFK, making up the blankets are going so much quicker. Yeah! I’m flying through these blankets! It’s going to fast that I can show you two completed blankets!

Crochet For Kidneys blanket 2 Crochet For Kidneys blanket 1

If you think the blankets look a bit wobbly it’s because the tension between the two rows I have to join up, is always different. I can confirm that No Two People Crochet With The Same Tension! And of course everyone used different patterns, with a different amount of stitches in the last row, which makes it more difficult to get a flat joining seam. Despite the little wobbles, I still think the blankets look great!

As I’m typing here all the blankets I’ve received so far, including the two that I put together, are drying in the Autumn sun after having been washed with non-biological washing powder. No offence to anyone who contributed squares, but I have to wash the blankets seeing as they are going to be used by people with weak immune systems so have to make sure they are 100% clean.

Thank you once again everyone for all your contributions. I’m going to start joining up the third blanket now. Check in again next week for another update.