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Cufflettes. Say it slowly. Savour the sound. It sounds so deliciously French* and classy, doesn’t it? 

But what am I going on about? Cufflettes? It’s the name of a pattern for, what is commonly known as, wrist warmers. Oh, cufflettes sound so much better don’t they?! 

The pattern was designed by Kalurah and is available as a free download from Ravelry. Just click here.

I crocheted  these cufflettes last winter (it only took a couple of hours) and had to get them out again this week. I wear them over my fleece gloves because the wrist section of the gloves are just not long enough – when temperatures reach 1 degree every little piece of exposed skin need to be covered!

I just love how these look peeking out under a sleeve, or worn just as they are. I, of course, jazzed them up a bit with mismatched buttons. I really do have a thing for buttons.

If you like wrist warmers, you will fall in love with the wrist warmers on the cover of Mollie Makes issue 10.

They scream vintage, lace and Victorian. Have a look on the Mollie Makes blog, here for more information.

*I’m currently reading “Madame Tussaud” by Michelle Moran which is set during the French Revolution. All the men in the book seem to be wearing coulettes (knee-breeches) so that may be why “cufflettes” has such a French ring to me. Cufflettes. Cufflettes. Ooh, I still love that word. It could so easily have been cuffextenders, or longcuffs, but no. It’s cufflettes. Beautiful!