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I just have to share the amazing afternoon I’ve had with you. It’s crochet and yarn related, but it’s so much more.

Sunday before last (the 22nd of Jan) I sent a message via Ravelry to a lady who inspires me every day with the amazing, colourful, creative crochet she does. It’s because of her and her lovely blog, that I got hooked on crochet. I wanted to thank her for all the inspirational blog posts and free patterns she so generously provides, by giving her one of my clocks. In the message I gave her a choice between two of the clocks in my Etsy shop. One a pastel flowers clock, the other a retro red circles clock. The retro red circles clock has been in my shop since the very beginning, with more than 700 views and featured in 8 treasuries on Etsy. I knew people liked it, but no-one bought it. The pastel flowers clock has been my best seller, so I hoped that one of these two options would appeal to her.

Unfortunately, to this day, she has not replied. Which is actually a good thing, because…… both of these clocks were sold on Folksy! The pastel flowers clock sold the 25th of January (3 days after the Ravelry message), and the retro red circles, was sold this afternoon (9 days after the Ravelry message) TO THE SAME PERSON! Lynn, who I found out today also has a Folksy shop selling lovely embroidered and hand drawn cards and collages (please go have a look!), was so happy with the flower clock that she bought the second one for her study!

The pastel flower clock is in hanging in her studio. She even wrote about it on her blog.  I’m so happy to see my clock in its new surroundings, proudly ticking away in someone else’s creative space!!! I’m also loving her wall full of inspirational images!

When I packaged the flower clock, I included a flowery brooch for her, as a little something pretty just to say thank you (you can see it on Lynn’s wall below and to the left of the clock). Yesterday I sold a flowery brooches on Etsy to a lady from Brixton who had bought one about two months ago – another returning customer!

I honestly don’t think these are coincidences. Whenever I give something with love, even if I just offer it and the person doesn’t accept the offer, I receive. It’s such a powerful, wonderful law of the Universe and it astounds me every time it happens.

In another happy twist, I’ve been in the mood to crochet a cardigan of some sort for myself but wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. I dabbled with the idea of a lacy wrap, but the pattern I like is in Portuguese and even though it includes diagrams, I’m not sure it would be a fun exercise…. I also couldn’t find a good substitute for the Pingouin yarn they used in the pattern.

In the end I went with my first instinct: a Garnstudio cardigan from their 2012 Spring collection that I fell in love with when I saw it for the first time last week.


The yarn I bought for this, is Drops BabyAlpaca Silk. Baby… Alpaca….Silk! It’s the very first time I will be working with something as luxurious as this and I’m super excited. Even more excited because as I was placing the order for the yarn, which came to £28.90 for the 8 skeins, the retro red circles clock was sold for £20, so the super duper fantastic yarn only cost me £8.90. It’s a sign of good things to come I think!

P.S. Sales of the clock pattern is coming along nicely as well. To date nine have been sold so there are nine entries into the draw for the square clock that I blogged about here. If you want to be in the draw, you have until midnight Friday 3 February to purchase the pattern and be entered into the draw. Good luck!!