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It’s been a while since I’ve spotted any crochet on TV. In fact, I still haven’t seen any crochet since my last post. Where do the images in this post from Big Bang Season 5 Episode 18 come from then, you may ask.

They were taken by my dear Hubby. He was watching Big Bang in his Man Cave, while I was crocheting in my usual spot on the couch, watching Desperate Housewives. (He has been known to say things like “I can feel brain cells dying” when he is unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Gabby/Bree/Susan/Lynette fretting over missing dead bodies/poisoned brownies/run-over PTA members).

He may be waaaay to cool for Desperate Housewives, but luckily not so cool that he wouldn’t take a photo of a granny square afghan for his crochet mad wife.  Love you Hubby ♥. 

But enough gushing for now, back to the hooking.

My very first “Spotted on TV!” post was about this very afghan in Amy’s apartment. You can see it here. These photos however give us a much better picture. It looks like the afghan is made up of 4-round granny squares, with the fourth round of each square in the traditional black

Usually the squares for an afghan made up of different colour combinations, are put together very randomly, but here the red-and-black squares are grouped together in clusters throughout the blanket. I can see at least three clusters of red-and-black squares. There’s also a diagonal line of white-and-blue squares. I can’t decide whether I like these groupings or not…. I wonder whether this was intentional? What do you think?

No matter whether you like the placement of the squares or not, no-one can deny that Sheldon looks so sweet and comfy under his blanky. Covered with a granny square afghan is like getting a hug from, well, your granny. Got to love it!