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Greetings on this First Day of Spring for us Northen Hemisphere peeps.

I can really feel, and see, the change all around and I love it! It’s noticeabely lighter in the mornings when my alarm goes off, temperatures are much milder (13 degrees feels like a heatwave!) and daffodils, like these in our back garden, are all around.


I’m also seeing more summery clothes in the shops and online and a lot of these summery things include crochet.  These little numbers I found on Free People. I don’t have the guts to carry off a crocheted bikini or swimsuit, but man it looks good!!!


Who knew crochet could be this sexy?!

If you want to hook your own sexy little crochet number, Garnstudio has four free crochet bikini patterns. 

I won’t be doing a blogpost showing you a crocheted bikini however. I think the closest I will get to crochet + beach, is sitting on the beach crocheting something, in my boardshorts and spaghetti strap t-shirt.  Not quite the same, but it’s close enough.